Just watched classic film noir Where the Sidewalk Ends (no relation to the Maurice Sendak children's book of the same title) starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney and directed by Otto Preminger (can you say, "Laura reunion"?) on DVD. Awesome, dark and beautiful. One of the best. Story of an already flawed and troubled cop going bad. The incredible Dana Andrews, along with the Ben Hecht-polished script, Preminger's long takes, and cinematographer Joseph LaShelle, Cyril Mockridge's score (but see below re the use of the ubiquitous Fox "Street Scene" theme, composed by Randy Newman's Uncle Alfred - who also composed the 20th Century Fox fanfare) really sells this.

Also watched with film noir scholar Eddie Muller's commentary.

But I must say, 20th Century Fox had no shame about using Alfred Newman's "Street Scene" theme over and over. And the original film, Street Scene was already more than 10 years old. And Alfred Newman's theme already owed a huge debt to Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". I doubt a piece of film music has ever been as recycled as this one.

I've watched at least 4 Fox films noir which used it prominently. Not to mention its use in their trailers of the time.

I may never get it out of my head.