After reading and hearing some early reviews, I was prepared to be underwhelmed.


Instead, I liked Suicide Squad. Didn't love it, and wouldn't call it great on any measuring scale: whether as cinema or even as a genre film.

But I liked it. It's a bit of a mess, and like with Batman v Superman, there are studio "suits" fingerprints all over the editing.

Nevertheless, unlike BvS, there is a (mostly) coherent narrative here, and I felt a heart beating under all the blood and guts and action.

There is also much more humor than present in BvS. This movie does more to build a foundation stone for a DC cinematic universe than those stupid "trailers", which were so clumsily inserted in the middle of BvS.

No spoilers, but I will tell you: that for comic book fans, there are some cool Easter eggs and crossovers.

It's very flawed, but enjoyable. But not for the squeamish nor for people turned off by gun-fu. There are a *lot* rounds fired in this film. It's a bit gratuitous, but due to the nature of the characters and the setting, it didn't bother me.

I thought there was a good balance of characters to plot. And I thought with so many characters, it got in more "roundness of character" than I would've thought possible. Sure, some were still pretty "flat", but given this film's origins and the amount of studio meddling, I thought the filmmakers did a decent job.

 And I liked this iteration of The Joker. He's more of a technicolor hard-boiled gangster mob boss here, a tie-dyed Scarface, albeit with the required craziness of the legacy of this character. Almost more of a Dick Tracy villain. But that worked for me.

I could tell that Jared Leto put a lot into this character. Unfortunately, most of that work ended up on the cutting room floor. 

Still, there's enough there to intrigue and want more. 

Overall, this one may appeal to comic book (and especially DC) fans more than just average viewers.

I'll probably see it again.