This guy, Tatsuya Takehshi, is "The Man", in terms of re-opening "The Gate" (pun intended. Synth nerds will get it) of analog synths to the average gal & guy (his first one for Korg, the Monotron, of which I've purchased four, and given two of those as gifts, cost less than most concert tickets!).

His making these analog synthesizers both affordable and hackable: Korg began making the schematics online, *and* actually labeling modifiable patch-points on the circuit boards! Unheard of in the modern commercial electronic instruments marketplace before this. Now, many (including industry leader, Moog!) have done this.

He recently stepped down from his position heading up the development team for these everyman's synths, and into the role of advisor only.

He created a huge legacy and big shoes for his successor to fill.

His work changed my life and re-immersed me into the addictive world of analog synthesis, for which I'm eternally grateful to him.