You lucky stiff! You get to read my very first blogpost. 

But I'm lucky too; I get to write it for you!  

So what shall I write about?  Well, for the exciting answers to that and other important questions, you can subscribe to the blog, or just navigate back here from time to time to see what catches my fancy at the moment of writing.

Maybe it will catch yours too.

A lot of times, it will just be me shining my own particular and peculiar philosophical spotlight on whatever the subject is. Sometimes, it really will just be me rambling in a freewheeling sort of manner.

As mentioned in the description, topics will range from sci-fi and fantasy through technology, comic books, literature of all kinds, movies, music, mixed and multimedia, creativity, spirituality and philosophy.

I welcome feedback, at least for now, will allow comments right here on the page, for each post. But you can also e-mail me, Or post comments to my Facebook page or my twitter feed.