Saw Logan movie last night. Excellent film. Noirish in its mise en scene and cinematography. Arguably, the best of the 20th Century Fox X-Men movies (not counting Deadpool, which is Sui generis) . And a suitable last chapter to the saga that begin with the first X-Men movie years ago. While there almost certainly will be reboots and spinoffs, this is the ending of the Bryan Singer universe.

The tone of this movie, is darker and very different from all of the other X-Men movies, including the two other Wolverine movies. As I said, this is almost like a film noir. Yes, there is action and some of that very brutal (which also makes it somewhat different from all of the other X-Men movies). But the center of the film is on the people, the characters, and their relationships. It also deals with issues like Alzheimer's, aging, and caring for the aged, losing one's vision (both literally and figuratively), and family.

This is not a children's movie. Suitable for young teenagers, but not children under 12 for sure. I think in general, not suitable for anyone under 15. But then again, what do I know. Never had children, although I have taught children of many ages.