Just got back into re-watching, and in some cases, watching for the first time, episodes of this wonderful animated series.

I'm actually surprised at how many I either don't remember or haven't watched before. And how good so many of them are. With some sometimes very serious themes hidden in the fun (e.g. how many different ways there are to be a hero. And how they may not always be obvious). 

While nothing can ever touch Batman: the Animated Series, this is a legitimate version of Batman and lots of fun. There are often nods of and echoes to Batman's lighter side, such as the Batman camp TV series from 1966 (and some of sillier Batman & Detective Comics from 1950's and 60's), as well as Batman's darker side, from his beginnings in the 1940's to even hints of things like Frank Miller's Dark Knight (a lot less of that, as this show was meant to be kid-friendly, even though there's plenty there for adult comic book geeks.

And since each episode is a team-up with other DC characters, lots of superhero (and villain) goodness (and badness) from the comic books and all of the different animated series, from Super Friends all the way to the more serious tone of Justice League Unlimited. And everything in between (looking at you, Teen Titans...).

The particular episode I'm watching now, has a cold opening with Wildcat and Batman versus Bane, and the body of the episode, features one of my favorite B list superheroes, Booster Gold (from the 25th Century!), and his little flying robot sidekick, Skeets (voiced by the incomparable Billy West) teaming up with Batman - much to Batman's chagrin most of the episode. 

In its own way, it captures the essence of Batman, and the fun of various DC comic book ages. I'm originally a Silver Age child. But I appreciate all the different iterations in different ways. And while Batman: the Animated Series, also captured the essence of Batman in many ways, this show has a leeway to go more in the silly and funny direction, then that show could usually get away with. But I can also, as I said above, have some depth and humanity to it at the same time.

All in all, a total delight, and highly recommended. If you're any kind of fan of Batman, DC comics, or good superhero animated funny in general, I envy you if you haven't yet seen this, and get to watch it for your first time.

Feel free to post your thoughts about it.