Watching Angels with Dirty Faces, with educational commentary by film historian Dana Polan.  I've seen it many times before, and  I always enjoy it.

Polan compares it to New Jack City and points out  the similar plot structure and theme of two childhood friends, growing up in an poor neighborhood, one of whom grows up to be "good guy" (a priest in AwDF and a cop in NJC) and the other a gangster.

Yeah, AwDF is corny, but also classy, beautifully shot by Sol Polito and directed by Michael Curtiz (The Adventures of Robin Hood, White Christmas, Captain Blood, Casablanca ), with some great performances from Cagney, Bogie, The Dead End Kids, Ann Sheridan and Pat O'Brien.  Also awesome musical score from the legendary Max Steiner (King Kong, Casablanca and Gone With the Wind among many others).

It's the right time to watch this again.