Studying Aguirre, Wrath of God for online Werner Herzog master class Facebook group discussion tomorrow (ironically, using Google Hangouts).

Watching on Shout Factory BD.

Trying without subtitles, with German audio track. To just absorb the "pure cinematic quality of the movie".

On my second viewing, I'm noticing more the Popol Vuh music score (basically leader Florian Fricke, who did a lot of Herzog's scores).

I thought I had seen this movie before, but if I did, it's not ringing any bells.

I know I did see, back in the day and in the theater, Werner Herzog's remake of Nosferatu, also starring Klaus Kinski, also with a Popol Vuh score. Fricke's music is also beautifully ahead of its time, and often deeply spiritual, and even outright religious, church-like.

There are so many fascinating details about this movie, which I'm learning about on the disc. For example, it was a dangerous movie to shoot, and even Herzog marvels on one of the two commentaries, that he was able to do it at all. He calls it "a miracle" and "a mystery".

(Plagiarized from myself from a recent text message to a friend)